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The Wash Cup

Throughout the day, the observant Jew needs to ritually wash his hands, with or without a blessing. So, in every Jewish home you will find a number of wash cups; usually, one at every sink. Today, the modest wash cup, or Natla as it is called in Hebrew, has become a magnificent work of art, designed to enhance your d&233;cor and add a touch of color to your home.

Looking for a wash cup for yourself or as a gift? Scroll through Canaan-Online. Enjoy a selection of cups that are as decorative as they are functional.

The Choice

You will find a delightful range of handsome cups that you will love for their sleek design and contemporary colors. Ceramic fans will welcome Michael Ben Yosef’s depicting the plant growth of Israel. Benny Dabbah’s wash cups are stylish and colorful. Adi Sidler, contemporary artist, delights us with his sleek wash cups enhanced with upturned handles.

You will find many other cups in a variety of materials, each one displaying the highest standards of workmanship and craftsmanship.

Mayim Achronim

Another hand washing ritual prevalent in the Jewish home is mayim achronim. At the end of a meal where bread was eaten, before Birchat Ha’mazon, the fingers must be lightly washed and the water removed from the table.

Yair Emanuel offers a choice of gleaming mayim achronim sets made from gleaming aluminum.

The Perfect Gift

A pretty wash cup makes a beautiful gift. Present it to your hostess. Give it for engagements, weddings or housewarmings. Treat yourself. It will be admired by your guests and enjoyed by all members of your family.

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