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Our flowers are special because they last forever!

Hand painted and lacquered, the colors will always remain fresh and vibrant. No need to tend them. You don’t have to change the water in the vase. No drooping petals or falling leaves. They will never need to be watered. Feel free to move the vase from shelf to table to sideboard as the fancy takes you. They will bring a touch of countryside to your city home, together with a colorful and lively show of modern art.

We have chosen metal flower vases from world-famous Israeli artists David Gerstein and Tzuki. They bring us a burst of light and joy. They want their flower vases to radiate happiness and bring a smile to people’s face. Whether you take cyclamens, tulips, anemones or sunflowers, you will find that with his hand-painted laser cut metal, the artist celebrates the simple joys of nature and the beauty that can still be found in modern life.


The ultimate home blessing – Tzuki’s family sculpture displays playful children on either side of a richly foliaged tree with more children dropping from the branches. Together, they exude a child-like wonder and an infectious feeling of joy.


“Say it with flowers!” Present that special girl with a colorful flower design pendant, handmade by Adina Plastelina using polymer clay and the ancient Millefiori technique. This is from her Thousand Flower collection and is available in sterling silver or gold plate.

Also from the world of nature, you will find a peacock feather and turquoise leaf branch pendant – both the handwork of Adina Plastelina.

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