Ahava was born over 25 years ago when a young technician visiting the Dead Sea saw tourists scooping up health-giving mud to take home.


Today, using unique advanced scientific formulas, the Ahava Cosmetic Company has harnessed the miraculous powers of Dead Sea mud and minerals, producing a huge range of products that generate international sales of over $150 million a year. The only cosmetic company licensed to mine raw materials directly from the Dead Sea, it has introduced advanced scientific methods for extracting the water and preserving the world-famous mineral qualities of the Dead Sea.


The secret of Ahava's success is its total commitment to impeccable quality and an ongoing development program. In recent years, it has launched the Dermud range of skin care products and has also perfected the unique Osomoter water that works in combination with natural oils and fruit essences to protect and enhance the skin's moisture level. Ahava also markets effective treatments for skin ailments.


In addition to shampoos, hand and foot creams, moisturizers, bath salts, scrubs and more, Ahava is at the forefront of efforts to formulate preparations that reduce the aging process. It cannot turn the clock back but its products have proven effective in eliminating wrinkles and age lines.


Ahava's packaging is attractive and pleasing to the eye. The proof of its success, however, is its effectiveness to live up to its claims. Although its products are priced above other companies, this is more than compensated for by its outstanding reputation. Ahava skin products carry an aura of quality and authenticity.

Ahava is Hebrew for "love." The company wants its customers to love its products and this is most certainly the case. To use a popular expression, "once an Ahava customer, always an Ahava customer!"

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