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Jewish Light

In the Jewish home, candles celebrate and commemorate. Their light represents hope, joy, and purity. In addition to greeting and bidding farewell to the holy Shabbat, candles illuminate almost every occasion in the Jewish calendar.

Choosing Your Candle

In the candles category of Canaan-Online, you will find a wide choice of non-drip quality candles, crafted in Israel. We invite you to scroll and let their visual beauty capture your eye and heart, bringing to your home a luminous timeless glow.

You will find a choice of single or blended color candles. There are glorious shades of blue, white, purple or red. Enjoy the variety of tapers in exciting shades that will bring a romantic or evocative note to your table setting. Pretty wax decorations enhance their delicate beauty. For Havdalah, you will find the classical two-wick candle. Alternatively, try something innovative – a pillar Havdalah candle decorated with pictures of Israel. A special gift is a Havdalah candle that looks and smells like a Sukkot etrog! For Chanukah, you will find the standard classic small size candles. If you kindle with oil, there are floating wicks in a box.

The traditional memorial candle is also a symbol of light – the eternity of the Jewish soul. Bring a touch of dignity and respect to the Yahrzeit day with Yair Emanuel's decorative Yahrzeit candleholder offered in a choice of colors.

Gifts – For Others or Yourself!

Our candles are thoughtful and useful gifts that a friend or dear will be delighted to receive. Treat yourself. Whatever the occasion, a Canaan-Online candle will bring to your home a message of light, faith and stunning beauty.

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