Yad - Torah Pointers

What is a Pointer?

A Yad-Torah Pointer is a small elegant metal rod with a pointed index finger shape at the end. Usually, there is a small chain to attach it to the staves of the Torah scroll. It is used by the Reader since the parchment and ink are highly sensitive and will be affected even by a finger touch. At the same time, the Pointer is an expression of respect and awe for the holy scroll.

Why are they artistic?

Jews have always lavished love and devotion on ritual items, ensuring that they are attractive and aesthetically pleasing. So, the humble Pointer, although relatively small, is designed to be pleasing to the eye. Canaan-Online has a fine selection of elegant and impressive Torah Pointers all made by well-known renowned Judaica artists.

The Choice

The Pointers of renowned Judaica artist Yair Emanuel are bright and cheerful - classic designs with a contemporary touch that come in a choice of single or striped colors. Yealat Chen's Pointers, embellished with colorful stones, images, and heavier chains, are for the more ornate Synagogue atmosphere. The Pointer designs of artist Adi Sidler's are aimed for the Jew who wishes to retain tradition in a modern context. The collection of Caesarea Arts is exciting. Relishing the beauty of color it offers the attractive Rainbow Collection. Prestigious Agayof's Pointers display his ever-popular sleek minimalistic style. Every Pointer is a work of art.

The Pointer as a Gift

If you are looking for a ritual item to present as a Bar Mitzvah gift, a Pointer is the first choice. It can be used for the Barmitzvah reading making it an item with great sentimental value. It is a pleasing gift for a father, grandfather, teacher, Rabbi or even your Synagogue. Keep one at home on your Judaica collection.

Call a member of our staff for assistance. They will be happy to help you choose a Pointer that meets your needs.

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