Dead Sea Soaps


Yes, bar soaps are back in style. They are economical, convenient for travel and do not dry out the skin. We bring you a selection of health-giving soap bars packed with Dead Sea minerals and enriched with essential oils. They come from leading cosmetic companies in Israel – Ahava, H&B, Mineral Care and Ein Gedi – companies that have perfected the art of encapsulating into a bar of soap the magic goodness of the Dead Sea. The soaps we have selected are gentle but strong enough to effectively cleanse and regenerate the skin and impart a wonderful sense of good health.


Many of them are based on the healing properties of olive oil, the fruit forever associated with the Holy Land. There are exotic varieties – camel or goats’ milk soap or a soap based on ancient Kabbalah directives. Then there are the classic soap bars based on pomegranates, honey, tea tree and other flavors. And of course there are the ever-popular mud soaps. There are also soaps directed for specific skin needs.


You will find in our collection soaps produced by the Keshet Family marketing under the name of Saboneto. (“Sabon” is Hebrew for “soap.”) This soap producing endeavor was set up to provide meaningful employment for their Down syndrome son Elnatan (G-d has given) and his handicapped friends. Inspired by the pastoral Judean Hills where they live, the family uses precise ancient methods to produce a variety of natural soaps based on homegrown olives and medicinal herbs blended with spices, plants and Dead Sea minerals. There is a wide choice of soaps with varying essential oils - geranium, lemongrass, mint, Melissa, lavender and rosemary amongst others.

Whether you purchase a single bar, a quantity, or one of their gift packages, the superior quality of Saboneto soaps will add to your health and well-being in addition to strengthening an inspiring vision of love and commitment.

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