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My husband received the prayer shawl I ordered for him today – our wedding anniversary. He was amazed how I took care of everything on my own. Usually he has to help but I wanted this to be a surprise. He liked the color – a change from the usual.

Shifra 10/2020

I purchased two of David Gerstein’s Butterfly Sculptures. They came beautifully packed and I put them on my wall immediately. Loved the flexible wings. Great piece of art.

Van H. 10/2020

For my parents silver wedding I decided to buy them a silver plated fountain with small Kiddush cups so that when we come with the kids for Shabbat, Dad can pass the wine around with dignity. They loved it and I want to add that it was a pleasure to do business with you and I look forward to more purchasing on Canaan.

Robin, NY 9/2020

We decided to celebrate our Silver Wedding Anniversary with an extravagant gift to each other - a sterling silver Shabbat Kiddush Cup. You did not have a big selection which I prefer but what you have on online is just beautiful. We are very happy with our choice and thank you for being a part of our personal celebration. Todah rabah

Avi & Debbie 9/2020

I ordered a Tallit for my husband for our 50th wedding anniversary. I ordered it long in advance but when it didn’t come I got real anxious. You guys were as cool as a cucumber, never lost your calm, even when I rang you every day. I know that the delay was here in the States because of Covid-19 but I just had to let out my frustration. Thank you for your patience and understanding. My next Judaica order will definitely be through you.

Becky 8/2020

I thank you for the package that arrived today. I follow the news and read about the many Covid-19 cases in Israel. So you must have many staff shortages. So, I really appreciate that you took care of my order so promptly. Take care and Besurot Tovot to all

Babara 8/2020

I am writing to compliment you on your superlative service. I ordered from your website Friekmanndar's stunning "Mizrach" wall hanging. It took months to arrive because of covid-19 and when I opened the package it was broken. I called and you accepted my word without even asking for a picture sending out a replacement immediately. This time, it arrived two weeks later in perfect condition. I got my "Mizrach" and you got a new faithful customer.

Sandy M. 7/2020

Received today the four "Yeled Tov" and "Yaldah Tovah" Kiddush cups of Yair Emanuel. Cant wait to present them to my grandchildren. Even nicer in the real than in the picture. Really appreciate the gift box. Makes it a very special gift.

Savta 7/2020

I just love your selection of Barbara Shaw’s goods. So Israeli and so cute. Not the best quality but it doesn’t really matter.

Rena D. 6/2020

Your selection of tallitot really spoiled me. So many styles, fabrics, designs. My wife finally helped me choose and we decided on a classic Talitania tallit with a colored border. It arrived today and I see it was a wise choice. Really top quality and well packed. Thank you for bringing to my attention the existence of such a good company.

Ben L. 6/2020

I live out west in the States. No car – just my bicycle. So, I was thrilled to receive today David Gerstein’s Bicycle Sculpture – a birthday gift from my brother with his note that you kindly typed and enclosed. It was well packed and I looked up your website to see what I can purchase. Great selection.

Adir L. 6/2020

Gorgeous Hanukkah gift for my granddaughters – a name necklace. You offered a wide choice of designs and scripts. I chose the Hebrew letters. Makes it special and they will know it comes from Israel. Could you please arrange for a nice gift box next time – even at extra costs.

Aviva 1/2020

I recently discovered that I have Jewish roots and I am exploring who I am and what I am. I decided that I must own a Shofar and keep it on display. Your staff spent a long time with me giving me advice. I really appreciated the way they reached out to help me decide and in the end I bought two shofars – a Yemenite one and a silver plated one. They arrived in perfect condition although it took time.

Millie J. 6/2020

I am not Jewish but I am a friend of Israel and I love anything that comes from the Holy Land. I bought a beautiful mezuzah case that you said was made in Israel and even without a scroll inside, I felt it brought a holy aura to my home.

Logan 5/2020

Thank you for that swell man’s bracelet. I found in your website a great choice and my girlfriend likes it.

Ronnie C. 5/2020

Here I am again. My soul friend loved the Star of David necklace. I saw that she really wanted one like that so I took mine off and gave it to her. Now I have ordered another one and I am treating myself to a nice bracelet too. Hats off to Canaan for choices, service and quick delivery.

Jane K. 3/2020

The two rhodium necklaces I ordered just arrived. Nicely packed. I checked around. You have the best buys for jewelry so I will be looking here again when I want to treat myself again.

Jane K. 3/2020

I must write and tell you that the Itay Mager fused glass Passover Seder Plate that I ordered for the Festival arrived intact without a scratch. My wife said it would break on the way and I shouldn’t order. We made a bet between us and thanks to your great packaging I won. I will not tell you on what we made the bet!

David T. 2/2020

Luv it! Put my 7 branch Menorah by the entrance. Surely brings good luck.

Amanda B. 1/2020

This is my way to thank Yocheved M for her top top service. She answered my emails right away, clarified the details of my order and made the changes I requested. This was really personal service and thanks to her, I have just made another order.

Naomi 12/2019
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