Clock Gifts

“Take care of the moments and the years will take care of themselves!” says an old saying. To help you utilize those precious moments, treat yourself, or a dear one, to a wall or standing clock.

The Perfect Tourist Gift

If you are looking for a gift to bring back from Israel, save yourself the bother and buy it before you go.

The Selection

Barbara Shaw’s clocks offer the perfect tourist experience. Wait for the laughs when her bagel design clock is revealed. Fond memories of your trip will stay bright and fresh with her stunning falafel design clock. You’ll remember that munching that yummy felafel every time you look at the time. One of our most popular clocks is her Bubble design with Hebrew letters splattered across the dial.

Artori combines function, color and quality. His bite wall clocks come in a choice of bright cheerful colors. Move the bite to whichever hour you want to bite into! Consider his alatraz clock. Ticking off the hours, it reminds you that “tide and time wait for no man!”

Another great clock gift from Israel that can be purchased in advance is Yealat Chen’s pomegranate shaped clock that will bring a note of splendor to any desk, shelf or sideboard. You have an option of gold or silver.

The old-fashioned pendulum clock is back in style. In Yealat Chen’s selection of wall clocks, the pendulums are decorative with Jewish themes. The clock faces carry traditional images of Jerusalem.

For a classic traditional clock, we have a beautiful desk clock decorated with images of Jerusalem. The dial numbers are large size and bold so the time can be seen from all sides of the room.

A Canaan-Online Clock

Whichever one you choose, any of our Canaan-Online decorative clocks will dress up your room, entertain your guests, add color to the d&233;cor – and also, tell the time.

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