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Showing 1-32 out of 84 items

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Why wear a Star of David?

A Star of David necklace is a proud declaration that you belong to Am Yisrael, the Jewish nation. It was chosen as the symbol for the official flag for the State of Israel and ever since, it has enjoyed popularity and became irrevocably associated with the Jewish People. Star of David necklaces are worn by men and women, religious and secular Jews.

The Canaan on-line Selection

Scroll through our selection and enjoy the beauty of quality necklaces that are tasteful, flattering and timelessly beautiful.

Israeli artist Ester Shahaf excels in her variety of Star of David designs, meticulously crafted with dainty colored metal effects and luminescent Swarovski stones in endless color combinations with impeccable quality.

Ha’ari, Israel’s exclusive producer of fine mystical jewelry, offers Star of David designs with a Kabbalah message, flawlessly crafted according to the Kabbalah pre-requisites, assuring the wearer of maximum blessing and protection. They are inscribed with Biblical verses, names of G-d or other profound mystical letter combinations.

Wear and Enjoy!

Whether you wear it with casual or evening wear, a Star of David necklace will always enhance and add a special depth to your outfit. It is the perfect gift, appropriate for any occasion. Each necklace come to you from Israel, where they are made with love and care, especially for you or your dear one!

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