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Bathe in the Dead Sea in Israel and enjoy its amazing medicinal and health-giving properties. Containing more than 20 different kinds of valuable minerals, the salts of the Dead Sea work on the skin, gently cleansing and exfoliating while they heal, strengthen, soothe and help reduce wrinkles.


We know that you cannot take a trip to Israel just for a soak in the Dead Sea. So, we are offering next best – pure, fine grain Dead Sea salts. So, now you can give yourself a Dead Sea treatment in the comfort of your home. Just add a handful to your running bath water and soak away the strains of the day. Step out of your bath with a wonderful sense of relaxation and renewal.


Both Ein Gedi and H&B offer a choice of aromatic bath salts – Kiwi, eucalyptus, melon or lemongrass or lavender. There are various colors. Each one reflects our personality and affects our mood. So, choose the color that grabs you at the moment. Blue soothes; red, orange or yellow energize; green inspires. Decorate your bathroom with jars or vases filled with different bath salt colors.


For a deep cleanse, try a butter salt scrub from Ahava or a body salt scrub from Ein Gedi. Massage gently into your skin with a circular motion. As the salt peels away dead cells, it will regenerate the skin and help strengthen its defense system, leaving it feeling soft and silky smooth.


Whether you decide to start a harassed day with a Dead Sea salt bath or to end a tension-filled day with a soak in a bath tub to which you have added your favorite Dead Sea salts, you will emerge feeling refreshed and invigorated.

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