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What is a Challah Cover?

The most decorative ritual item on your tastefully laid Shabbat table is surely the special cloth covering the two challah loaves that lie on the Challah board. The Challah Cover, as it is called, comes in a variety of fabrics and designs that incorporate many Jewish themes and symbols. It is often embellished with appropriate text or words of blessing.

We invite you to scroll through the Canaan-Online collection to find a cover that suits your taste and pocket.

Choosing your Challah Cover

Jerusalem artist Yair Emanuel is always a popular favorite. Whether it is flowers, scenic views, pomegranates or magnificent views of Jerusalem, he blends in perfect harmony the delicate beauty of colorful silk thread embroidery, bringing a rare quality of beauty to your Shabbat table.

Another designer whose Challah Covers will surely excite you is Dorit Judaica. Her well-known designs are beloved to all who cherish Judaica items in their homes. Her pomegranate theme Challah Covers, printed on pure cotton-polyester, will bring a note of majesty to your Shabbat table.

Challah Cover Gifts

A Challah Cover is a no-fail gift - perfect for the newly married couple but equally meaningful for precious milestones in life – birthdays, anniversaries, hostess gifts or even party favors. Many homes enjoy having more than one Challah Cover so there is variety each week and of course, it is always exciting to have a special cover for Festivals or others special occasions.

Whichever Challah Cover you choose from the Canaan-Online selection, you can be sure of a quality purchase that always comes with our quality service too.

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