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Merging the Ancient with the Modern

If you're in search of ultra-feminine stand-out jewelry bursting with Israeli charm, you need an Esther Shahaf original right now!

Merging old world Orient and Mediterranean with modern elements, prolific Israeli designer Ester Shahaf creates by means of color and style, bringing to life the exotic heritage that makes this land and people so enchanting. In her work, Ester blends diverse materials, resulting in exciting contrasts. Warm wood distinguishes itself from clean, smooth metal; shiny crystals rest on vivid satiny lacquer. Each and every piece of jewelry and judaica is individually handcrafted, merging and blending pewter, silver, brass or wood with kaleidoscopic Swarovski crystals.

Ester's Multi-Faceted Collection

Esther's multi-colored collection includes jewelry- earrings and necklaces, along with Shabbat and holiday judaica objects such as candlesticks, mezuzahs, menorahs and dreidels. Mix and match star of David, hamsa, chai, dove and pomegranate-themed earrings and necklaces. Home blessings in the form of ornate hamsa hands also comprise a good part of her collection, as do a multitude of key rings shaped like hamsas, fish, flowers and hearts. Small, large, triangular, arched, aluminum and wooden mezuzah cases are exciting gift options for newlywed friends. Esther's style is super-trendy, flashy, vibrant, bold, eye-catching and very easily recognizable.


Among our best-selling Ester Shahaf items is the Sterling Silver Blue Dove Necklace. Present this necklace to a good friend or indulge yourself with this charming dove necklace handcrafted by Israeli artist Ester Shahaf. The sterling silver shaped dove is playfully decorated with an olive branch and warm sun’s rays. Shades of blue enamel, golden beads and Swarovski stones make this a precious piece of jewelry that will enhance any outfit. Equally popular is the Flame Colors Pewter Mezuzah Case. Orange, the Oriental color of happiness, is the dominant theme of this vibrant bejeweled Mezuzah case. Lavishly decorated with beads and metal accents, the flowing curves suggest movement and activity. The Star of David in the center and the dove give it an undeniable Jewish identity.

A graduate of Tel Aviv University, Ester Shahaf is an accomplished designer of Judaica. Drawing her inspiration from her surroundings, Ester resides and creates in the picturesque town of Binyamina, a town which integrates all the different cultures of our country.

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