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How Old Are Earrings?

Earrings are as old as time! Over the centuries they were worn by men and women, by slaves and later by the prestigious upper class. There are precedents for presenting earrings as gifts - the Bible relates that Eliezer, servant of Abraham, presented the young Rebecca with costly golden earrings when he brought the marriage proposal for her to wed Isaac.

Why Wear Earrings?

Because they complete, complement and add that delightful finishing touch to any day or evening outfit. Whether you choose a classic style or something more exotic and interesting, attractive earrings will always attract attention and compliments!

Jewish Earrings

The Star of David is always a popular earring theme. Jewelry artist Ester Shahaf offers a delightful choice of decorative designs incorporating Swarovski stones. You will find in the Canaan-Online collection Hamsa designs – sure to bring you good luck throughout the day. Edita displays a breathtakingly beautiful Star of David with a dangling pearl.

Fashion Earrings

Creativity flourishes in Israel where so many diverse cultures meet and blend. Canaan Online offers a selection of stunning earrings created by Israeli jewelry artists who are inspired by the people, the land and its many symbols messages.

The Choice

You will find in the collection earrings from Adina Plastelina. Perfecting an ancient jewelry technique, she has created birds, butterflies, olive leaves and peacock feather earring - a perpetual reminder of the beauty of the world of nature. If you are looking for affordable diamond earrings, you will love the Chaya Elfassi collection. Enjoy the stunning earrings of Edita. They radiate mystery, allure and the excitement of designs that are as original as they are feminine.

A Feast for the Eyes

Scroll through our collection of earrings and enjoy a wide choice of designs and materials at reasonable prices that will allow you to treat yourself or someone dear to you with a gift of joy and love.

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