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The Jewish Kippah

Kippah, also known as skull cap, kappel or yarmulke, is the traditional Jewish head covering for males. Worn from childhood, it is a Jew’s badge of honor, defining his identity and adherence to tradition.

Our Selection

At Canaan-Online, we offer a choice of decorative colorful Kippot (or Kippahs) that will tone in with your outfit and add grace to any occasion.

Consider a Yair Emanuel silk, hand-painted head coverings. Each one with its blend of exciting colors and vivid images is a visual delight. As always, Jerusalem is the favorite theme.

A more festive Kippah is Yair Emanuel’s gold or silver hand-embroidered cute hats that fit neatly on the head. These make wonderful party gifts and are perfect for family celebrations.

The ultimate head covering is the striking Bucharian Kippah hats, originating from Central Asia. The striking pillbox shape is ornately decorated with impressive floral or geometric themes that are embroidered in a rich array of colors.

The Choice

At one time, every country and community had its own individual style of head covering so, a man could be identified by his head covering. Today, there are no borders. So, enjoy. Be ahead and wear a hat!

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