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Dress up your ankles and wrists with a choice of bracelets and anklets. Fun to wear, easy to put on or take off, they will dress up any outfit. Change them according to your mood or the time of day. Whether you go for a plain unadorned band or an elaborate design, they are a playful extra that show off your outfit and will surely attract notice.


Canaan-Online offers an exciting choice of bracelet and anklet accessories. Many of them have a Jewish touch, decorated with Jewish symbols or words of prayer. Others are engraved with Kabbalah words of protection to accompany you throughout the day, making them especially attractive and meaningful.


You can go for a bracelet displaying the classic Jewish Star of David symbol, representing pride in Jewish identity. Golan Studio suggests you wear a bracelet that he has personally inscribed with mystical work combinations. There are gorgeous charm bracelets with their timeless elegance. Iris brings us stunning bangle designs with Hamsas, Stars of David and Kabbalistic words of protection. Ha’ari’s bracelets are all connected to the world of Kabbalah and are produced in accordance with mystical stipulations. For the ultimate bracelet of femininity, you will adore the bracelets of Edita. Using gold plated metals, glass beads and crystals, she produces magnificent pieces of jewelry that every woman will be thrilled to wear.

Don’t forget the guys. Gal Cohen has devoted a significant part of her collection to jewelry for men – mainly bracelets. Stylish and unique, they display masculine strength and make a subtle statement of identity.


Gal Cohen, speaks to the young. A leading Israeli jewelry designer, she ignites us with her dramatic collection of anklets. Perfect for beach and summer wear, you will enjoy looking down on them. Enjoy the Star of David, the uplifting bead or butterfly design and others.

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