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Background to Pesach

Passover, in Hebrew Pesach, is one of the Jewish People’s three major Festivals. It commemorates the Exodus from Egypt, when G-d led the Jewish nation away from Egypt where they had been enslaved for over 200 years. The highlight of the celebration of the Festival is the Seder ritual, when symbolic foods are displayed and eaten together with the Matzah. All present read from the Haggadah, the text that describes the redemption and thanks G-d for His kindnesses.

Shopping at Canaan-Online

At Canaan-Online, you will be able to take care of all your Pesach needs. Whether you stick staunchly to traditional style or prefer a more contemporary design, there is something for every taste and pocket.

Seder Plates

Renovate your Seder night experience with a new Seder Plate. Enjoy the visual beauty of superb craftsmanship and innovative designs from Israel’s leading Judaica artists: Dorit Judaica, Shraga Landesman, Michal Ben Yosef, Yair Emanuel and the prestigious Agayof or Laura Cowan.

Matzah and Afikoman Covers

Beautify your Seder table with one of our exquisitely embroidered Matzah or Afikoman covers. Many come as sets, adding a sense of harmony to your table setting. In homes where it is customary for each guest to have his own matzos and covers, you will need more than one set.

Matzah Trays

Display and serve your matzah on one of our decorative trays. They can be used throughout the Festival – functional and beautiful.


Pesach, also known as the Spring Festival, is a beautiful gift season – a time to renew friendships and show that you care. You will find in our category many suggestions for gifts that will be enjoyed and cherished for what they are and who they come from.

Celebrating Pesach

Canaan Online will help you enjoy the majesty of Pessach with its traditional rituals. They touch the heart and soul and become a family legacy that is passed down he generations.

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