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The Perfect Pesach Gift

If you are looking for a Pessach gift that is functional and attractive, we recommend a matzah tray. It will add a charming touch to your Seder table, also ensuring that the matzah is accessible for everyone around the table. It will continue to be used throughout Pesach for all the Festival meals – especially if there are guests. A matzah tray protects your tablecloth from the matzah crumbs and is sure to be admired and bring you lots of compliments.

So, scroll through the selection and take your pick!

The Collection

Our classic style Matzah tray is square and silver-plated. Wipe clean and it will keep its good shine for years. If you are looking for something original, colorful and imaginative, you will love the dramatic matzah baskets of Barbara Shaw. Dorit Judaica shares with us her love of the Festival, displaying laser cut matzah trays, delicately embellished with pomegranate themes. For a rural look, enjoy Ben Yossef's ceramic matzah plate – available in a choice of colors. Adi Sidler's matzah tray expresses his sleek minimalistic style that speaks to the modern Jew who respects tradition. The vivid and harmonious colors of Yair Emanuel's hand-painted matzah trays inspire joy and song and his choice of themes make the Pesach story alive and meaningful. If you are looking for a prestigious matzah tray from a leading Israeli artist, you will be overwhelmed with the sheer beauty of Laura Cowan's spectacular art products. Smooth clean-cut stainless steel wedges attach to the base with magnets offering you the choice of whether the matzos should stand upright or lie flat.

Enhancing Your Table

Whichever tray you choose – for yourself or as a gift – you can be sure that it will be used and enjoyed, enhancing your beautiful Pesach tableware and adding to the spirit of the Festival that celebrates the freedom and independence of the Jewish people.

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