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The art work of Yehudit Shlomo, the name behind YehuditsArt, pulsates with Jewish spirit. They express her love for the Land of Israel and Bible figures – especially the women.

Yehudit, a fifth generation Israeli, has an advanced degree in Jewish Art and Studies of Israel and has held many exhibitions where her work has been greeted with enthusiasm. Filled with an urge to reach out to the world, she recently left her art teaching career and is now a full-time creative artist.

She works in various mediums - painting, drawing and sketching and her favorite -intricate paper cutting combined with micrographics. With intense concentration, she works patiently for hours with her small knife and pen, cutting and writing and adding paint highlights. The result is an exquisite harmony of picture and text.

Yehudit’s pictures are available as a print or entirely hand-made. She insists on adding handwork even to prints so that every item is truly an original piece. Her pictures come framed - individually selected by Yehudit to match the style and theme of the picture.

Women from the Bible figure prominently in Yehudit’s collection. You will find papercuts and pictures of Sarah, Miriam, Esther, Channah and others – all role models for deep joy, abiding faith and heartfelt prayer.

The beauty of the Jewish home begins with the marriage ceremony and Yehudit offers us exquisitely decorated Ketubahs and other pictures and papercuts that make great wedding gifts.

Also in her collection are stunning sketches of Jerusalem, Safed and other holy places in Israel – eloquent reminders of a Jew’s love for the Land of Israel.

As you scroll through the YehuditArt collection, you will surely agree that they are achieving their goal – creating beautiful wall decorations for the Jewish home that inspire and bring light to people’s lives, strengthening the joy of Jewish identity.

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