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If you follow contemporary trends in Judaica art, chances are that you are familiar with the products of Adi Sidler, one of Israel’s most talented young artists. After graduating with impressive awards from the renowned Bezalel Arts Academy, he turned his attention to Judaica and has never looked back. Using stainless steel and anodized aluminum, he has created a new look for hallowed tradition. It has proven enormously popular and today, his widely acclaimed products are to be found in galleries, museum shops, and Judaica shops the world over.


When Adi Sidler entered the field of Judaica, he found that most of the clientele were traditional Jews. He determined to reach out, designing and producing Judaica that would be relevant and meaningful for the contemporary Jew leading a modern lifestyle. Indeed, he has brought a new perspective to traditional Judaica items. Today, modern young Jews are proud to use, enjoy and display his Judaica in their homes and workplaces.

The Adi Sidler style is clean, sleek and minimalistic, combined with innovative creativity. He takes a classic Judaica item and recreates it with a new stylish and playful twist. Blending tradition and modern art, his range of products touch every aspect of Jewish living and experience in the course of the Jewish calendar year.


Browse through the Adi Sidler collection. You will find there exciting kinetic Menorahs for Chanukah, intriguing matzah holders for Pesach, attractive contemporary honey dishes for Rosh Hashanah, sleek Mezuzah cases, and a collection of cute car mezuzot. There are also charity boxes, compact traveling candlesticks and a recent addition – a range of dramatic wash cups with smooth modern lines. Adi Sidler’s products are all available in a choice of delectable colors and shades.


If you are looking for a Judaica gift in a modern contemporary style, an Adi Sidler item is a perfect choice.

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