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The world-renowned Kakadu Design Judaica company is the marriage (literally!) between Aharon, master carpenter, and Reut, exhibition artist.

Kakadu Design was founded in 1990 by Aharon and Reut Shahar. Aharon is a master carpenter and Reut is an artist. They create those beautiful bold designs in wood in their gallery in Moshav Zafririm which is situated in the historic Valley of Elah. Items include cutting boards, lazy Susan, candlesticks, placemats and clocks which can be matched to form sets, making unique gifts. The hand painted designs draw heavily on themes from nature, featuring birds, fruit, sunsets and more, all in vivid hand painted designs and colors. Kakadu has even designed the famous Picabu restaurant in the posh Swan and Dolphin resort hotel on the grounds of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.


So how did it all begin? At the onset of their marriage, Aharon and Reut each practiced different trades. They desired to unite their talents somehow, but could not think of a way of creating collaboratively. About 25 years ago, when Reut was preparing for a large art exhibit, she replaced the solid bottoms of several wooden trays that Aharon had made. She glued hand-painted plywood bottoms to the trays instead. Presto! The trays were an instant success. Soon Reut was flooded with orders for her art-nouveau trays. Aharon quickly pitched in to help and Kakadu was founded.

Kakadu’s flagship store in Jerusalem was opened in 1994, with a Tel Aviv gallery and moshav studio following soon after. Exceedingly popular in Israel, Kakadu began selling internationally through an affiliate network in the early 21st century.

Now Kakadu incorporates the creative genius of several other talented Israeli designers. The result? An endless flow of unique home d&233;cor items.


Blurring the line between art and functionality is what drives Aharon and Reut. Their philosophy embraces art that is not restricted to the museum, gallery or exhibit. Their art is meant to integrate into daily life. They entreat their customers to store things in their containers, sit on their stools, and walk on their wooden carpets.


Protecting the environment is a high priority for the Shahars. Most of their wood is taken from fast-growing timber planted expressly for this purpose. They never exploit old-growth forests. Almost no wood is wasted due to their carefully executed carpentry techniques. There is close supervision of every stage of production, from shaping the wood to the final glaze. Environmentally friendly and exclusive.


If you’re in the search of distinctive, yet timeless, home d&233;cor items, look no further. Their products are fun, youthful, colorful, vibrant, different and full of life!

Kakadu products have often been combined, mixed and matched to enhance or complete the look of any living space. Their items are so plentiful and unique that one could technically decorate an entire house with Kakadu products alone.

A Kakadu serving tray, set of candlesticks, lazu susan, challah cutting board, wall clock or even set of salt shakers is an instant conversation piece, sure to spark interesting topics of conversation when entertaining at home.


What is the Kakadu anyway?! The Israeli home d&233;cor Kakadu company is actually names after the Cockatoo bird- a large Australian bird. ‘Kakadu’ is also the name of a large wetland and woodland territory in northern Australia that is home to hundreds of rare species. ‘Kakadu’ is also home to Australia’s thousands-of-years-old Aboriginal art rock-paintings. However, in Israel, Kakadu can mean only one thing- Reut and Aharon’s popular artistic d&233;cor company!

Kakadu means fun, color and design. Buy Kakadu for an infusion of Israeli appeal in your home!

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