Shofars for Rosh Hashana

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The Shofar Message

If there is one item that is eternally associated with Rosh Hashanah, it is the Shofar horn. Many reasons are presented for blowing it during the solemn Synagogue service, all of them valid and inspirational. What is clear is that the Shofar is not intended to be a musical instrument. Its mournful piercing cry penetrates deep within each person as it calls for a re-evaluation of values and conduct and an improvement in ones relationship with G-d.

Owning a Shofar

Today, you don’t have to be a professional blower to own your own shofar. Even if you do not know how to blow, it is a cherished Judaica item that you will be proud to own and display year-round – a constant reminder of its powerful message. A shofar makes a beautiful bar mitzvah gift. It is an appropriate gift of respect that will honor any member of the family. It is a delightful gift to a child or young boy.

The Selection

Scroll through our selection of Shofars and find one that speaks to your heart. There are ram shofar horns or the long curved Yemenite horns. There are dark or light colored Shofars. There are natural or polished Shofars or half natural-half polished shofars. All our Shofars carry appropriate certificates confirming Kashrut status. Each Shofar is carefully checked again for sound and quality before leaving our warehouse.

A recent addition to our collection is a Shofar Set Gift Box. Wrapped in a gift box is a Shofar with velvet pouch, spray and information booklet. Adding a personal message will make this a very special gift.

A Final Thought

Great moment in history or in one’s personal life are recorded with words. However, there are no words to adequately express the awesome message of Rosh Hashanah, the day when all mankind is judged. There is only one way - with the blast of the Shofar horn!

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