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Wall d&233;cor defines the home and makes a statement about who you are, your taste and your interests. If your wall decorations have a Jewish theme, your house becomes a beautiful Jewish home, cherishing our precious traditions. So, a wall decoration is always a no-fail gift that will be appreciated and enjoyed for many years.


If you are looking for low cost wall d&233;cor, we recommend products from Yealat Chen. Her almost endless variety of designs incorporate all the beloved traditional motifs and Jewish blessings.

For the connoisseur, there is Dorit Judaica. Our rich Jewish heritage is expressed in the Jewish texts and blessings that she gracefully weaves into her floating Letters and other works of art – all incredibly beautiful.

For a contemporary artistic touch, consider the sculptures of David Gerstein. His butterfly wall sculptures are captivating, bringing to your living room the beauty and freedom of the world of nature.

Wherever you place a Tzuki work of art, you can be sure that it will be noticed and enjoyed. His dynamic colors and astute look at life share with us an infectious love of life and activity.

The timeless beauty of colored glass has been captured by the Friekmanndars. Hang their stunning Home Blessings and just wait for the admiring comments.

If you are looking for new artists in Israel we recommend Dvora Black. She is creative and versatile and hand paints using delicate colors that radiate nobility and class. We are honored to present the works of this gifted artist to the wider public.


We are sure that you will love our wide range of contemporary and traditional Jewish style wall decorations. Whether you are treating yourself or buying them as a gift, you can be sure that they will liven up the walls and give an extra personal touch to your home.

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