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Showing 1-32 out of 44 items

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The Meaning of a Ring

Rings are one of Canaan-Online’s most popular items of jewelry. The band around the finger represents connection. The engraved texts and symbols on Jewish rings are an eloquent expression of connection with tradition, linking the wearer with Jewish identity and pride in our Land and People.

Star of David Rings

The ever-popular Star of David features on many of our rings. For centuries it has been associated with the Jews and today it is the central feature of the Flag of Israel. So, it is the perfect decoration for a decorative ring. You will find a choice - on gold together with the Priestly blessing or on silver alongside the Traveler’s prayer.

Rings of Love

A stunning tribute to your beloved is the Eishet Chayil ring decorated with rubies and blessed pomegranates. For that special occasion, present her with Golan’s silver band engraved with the meaningful words, Ani LeDodi veDodi Li – I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me! A Spinner Ring is always an exclusive gift. Here, Ha’ari’s Spinner Ring features revolving bands, decorated with precious stones and engraved with the blessings of the wedding ceremony, is a must. This eternal expression of love will surely become a family heirloom to be cherished and treasured.


Boaz Netanel, passionate about the Jewish People’s connection to its past, offers a choice of rings with your name hand engraved in an ancient script. You will find an elegant silver and gold band engraved with the words “gam zeh ya’avor” - a source of strength and encouragement.

The Canaan-Online Collection

All our Jewish rings are hand crafted in Israel. They are made from quality metals and are available in a choice of sizes. Feel free to call our staff for guidance or answers to your queries.

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