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What is a Hamsa?

The origins of the Hamsa symbol are shrouded in mystery. Used by the ancients as an amulet for protection against the Evil Eye, it has today become a popular Jewish decorative wall hanging. The familiar five finger, open palm image is reputed to bring protection to the home and is always an exciting conversation piece.

Our Selection

Canaan-Online offers you a comprehensive selection of decorate Hamsas…

The ethereal beauty of the light and colors of glass has been captured by Israeli artists Maya and Shiri, working together as Friekmanndar.

For a contemporary style Hamsa, David Gerstein brings to the ancient motif a modern appeal and the humorous touch that has made him one of our most popular artists.

Tzuki’s Hamsas are a burst of spring – a rich array of flowers and butterflies with a young maiden watering her garden.

For more classic styles, you will find lots of Hamsa wall decorations from Yealat Chen - elaborate designs with or without text.

Ester Shahaf’s Hamsas are lavishly enhanced with meticulously applied beads and metal.

Dorit Judaica offers us her hallmark appealing designs, carrying boldly worded blessings.

For ceramic fans, there is a choice of cheerful Hamsas from Michael ben Yosef, decorated with popular Jewish motifs and blessing.

The well-known Adina Plastelina invites you to beautify your home with one of her colorful Hamsas, decorated with words from the Shema prayer.

A Hamsa Gift

A Hamsa is an always-acceptable gift. It will look perfect with any d&233;cor, whether traditional or modern. It is suitable for a hallway, room or office. Wherever it stands, it will bring a ray of warmth, joy, blessing and protection. So, take advantage of our first class service and let us send the Hamsa of your choice together with your gift message to any address in the world.

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