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At Canaan-Online we regularly ask customers for feedback. We want to know if they were satisfied, whether the cosmetic and skin care products they purchased lived up to its claims and if they have any specific issues. Health & Beauty, popularly known as H&B, consistently receives the top listing. “Amazing stuff,” wrote one customer. Satisfaction is reflected in the high level of repeat orders we received for its products.


H&B prices are affordable and of course, we pass this on to our customers. Quality is not compromised. Whether it is soaps, cleansers, hair, hand or feet treatments, facial creams or age reducing preparations, the products are authentic and many customers claim that they are just as effective as any of the prestigious products heavily advertised on the market.


The full name of H&B is “Health & Beauty, Dead Sea Minerals” and on most of its products, you will find a brief pictorial view of the deep blue Dead Sea. It is from these waters that the company extracts the health giving minerals that form the base of its products and are the secret of its success.

Since ancient times, the Dead Sea, located in Israel, has attracted people from all over the world who flock to its healing waters. Bathing in the mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea has relieved pain and discomfort and brought healing to many suffering from skin and joint diseases.

Not everyone can travel to the Dead Sea. So H&B was founded to bring the Dead Sea to you. A brief scroll through our website will show you the scope of the items they offer. It is constantly examining its products, looking to improve and upgrade.

The H&B Message

Our skin care products care for your body and soul. Start to use them. You will soon see and feel the difference.

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