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Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov!

A baby has been born. Whether it is boy or girl, it is a cause for happiness and celebration. It is an occasion that you want to be part of by presenting a gift to the precious bundle that has arrived.

The Choice

Be original. Present a baby boy with a onesie, all-in-one garment. On it, at the front, is printed an announcement declaring that there is a bar mitzvah coming up in thirteen years. Naturally, we will adjust the year accordingly. Another onesie invites you to join the parents as they provide for his mid-night feast.

Of course, every mother wants to protect her precious new-born from the Evil Eye and other negative influences. So, a Hamsa in the crib is an absolute must. And if there is more than one – that is even better. Double protection! Try our gorgeous looking Hamsa decorated with blessing and ribbons. It comes with four options – Hebrew and English text, each with a blue colored version for boys or pink colored ribbons for girls.

For an original gift, bring the baby additional protection with an amulet - a stunning pin designed by Ha’ari, leading producer of Kabbalistic jewelry. Dangling from the broach are Hebrew words with deep protection powers.

If the newborn baby has brothers and sisters, it is a lovely gesture to remember them too. Bring a gift for the children's room - a Dorit Judaica wall decoration with matching Mezuzah cases. Purchase separately or as a set. Their delightful designs Hebrew texts will dress up any room, grabbing the children's as soon as they wake in the morning.


We will ship your gift and personal message to any address. Even if the baby can't thank you, his parents will surely be thrilled!

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