Ein Gedi


It is every womanís secret wish to look beautiful. She yearns for an unblemished pure skin that radiates health and beauty. Some fifty years ago, the cosmetic company, Ein Gedi, was founded to help this dream become reality. Called after an ancient oasis in Israel, known for its valuable oil, the name is in keeping with the Ein Gedi approach Ė quality skin products producing wellness of body and spirit, preparations that will help women everywhere nourish their skin and restore their spirit.


Ein Gediís produces a huge variety of beauty and skin products. The ingredients are derived from sea, minerals and plant life. There is a high concentration of Dead Sea minerals, carefully selected for their health and well-being benefit. Traditional formulas utilize up-to-date technology, helping women to look good and feel good.

Ein Gedi has a full array of creams, lotions, and preparations that protect the skin, keeping it young and supple and reducing tell-tale aging signs. Its prestigious Gold Collection is formulated for the discerning woman who wants only the best for her skin.


Ein Gediís commitment to the wellness of body and spirit is expressed in its religious products and its extensive use of olive oil, frequently mentioned in the Bible. In addition to olive oil soaps, there is a huge choice of aromatic anointing oils and perfumes, created with olive oil and scented with flowers and herbs mentioned in the Bible. Their names and associations recreate Biblical images and aromatic spices, strengthening the spirit as they link the user to the Holy Land.


Ein Gedi currently markets all over the world. Its anointing oils and perfumes have a high reputation and aJudaica notes with satisfaction the growing increase in the number of customers that opt for Ein Gedi as their first choice.

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