Chanukkah Menorahs

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Showing 1-32 out of 306 items

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The Menorah Message

The Chanukah Menorah is one of Judaism’s most ancient symbols. Its profound message of faith, determination, and loyalty to Judaism, resonates through the ages until today.

Choose a Menorah

Scroll through the Canaan-Online collection and enjoy our impressive selection. You will find Menorahs that are traditional and contemporary, simple and ornate, low cost and prestigious, classic and modern. So, celebrate the Festival of Chanukah with a new Menorah to add interest and excitement to these special days.

The Choice

You will find on our website Menorahs of all sizes, styles, and prices. Whether they are made of metal, nickel, silver plate, pewter or colored glass, we have taken care to offer something of everything. There are Menorahs for use only with candles and others that offer an option of candles or oil and wicks.

You will find classic style Menorahs displaying traditional Jewish symbols - Star of David and of course Jerusalem images. If you like innovative Menorahs, enjoy the compact miniature Menorah in a choice of designs and colors from Adi Sidler. You will find menorahs from Israel’s leading Judaica designers. Dorit Judaica never fails to delight with her delicate pomegranate themes. Yair Emanuel excites us with his bright colors and innovative designs. David Gerstein and Tzuki thrill us with their rich ranges of color and imaginative designs. Benny Dabbah's Menorahs are breathtaking and who can compete with the world class style and originality of Agayof or Laura Cowan.

A Menorah is used on Chanukah but remains prominent throughout the year – the center of your Judaica display.

The Menorah Glow

The glowing lights of the Chanukah Menorah remain an enduring symbol of hope and identity for Jews everywhere. Whether the Menorah is for yourself or a gift for someone special, we are sure that it will help everyone to enjoy together a Chanukah Sameyach – a joyous and happy Chanukah!

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