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A tallit, prayer shawl, also known as tallit gadol, is a large rectangular shawl falling from the shoulders and worn during morning prayers. At each of the four corners are tied the ritual threads known as tzitzit.

During the day, a Jew wears a small over-garment, poncho style, also with tzitzit attached to the corners. This is known as a tallit katan.


Canaan-Online firmly believes that every person should feel comfortable with his tallit with the fabric, design and color expressing his personality taste and individuality. So browse through our huge selection and enjoy the feel and look of the tallitot.

The classic pure lightweight wool remains a popular choice. Silk tallitot, usually decorative, are highly popular. There are also wool-terylene or synthetic blends. If you are looking for a more contemporary style tallit, you will enjoy our vast selection. Scroll through and enjoy the rich choice of color combinations often enhanced with silver or gold embroidery and trimming. Most tallitot come with matching kipah and bag, making it a complete set and a beautiful gift.


You will find on our site a comprehensive collection of tallit katan - as a separate garment or undershirt style, ideal for wearing during sport or athletic activities. There are lots of colorful designs for the small Tallit Katan. The cute drawings and texts are designed to make the mitzvah of wearing a tallit katan attractive for young children.


You will also find on our site, packages of tzizit threads for those who have mastered the laws and wish to attach the threads themselves.

We offer a number of tallit bags to neatly hold your tallit.


It is always a powerful experience to see men wrapped in their prayer shawls. The long cloak-like garment, enables them to make a cut-off from the mundane world, so that they can concentrate and pray with devotion.

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