Tallit Katan with Tzitzit

Tallit Katan with Tzitzit

$6.18 - $12.41

Product Description

This traditional Tallit Katan is made from a durable fabric that is lightweight and comfortable. It comes with fully-Kosher tzitzit attached - ready to wear without further preparations.

Size: Use our easy-to-read measuring chart to choose the most appropriate size from ten options

Fabric: Choose either 100% cotton or a cotton-polyester mix

Techelet-blue thread: This is an additional optional item. We will attach it to your tallit katan unless you specifically request us not to.

Tzitzit Options: Handmade Ashkenaz, Handmade Sefardi thin, Handmade Yemenite thin: These are all available at an additional charge and will be tied to the Tallit Katan unless specifically requested not to.


Brand: Talitania
Materials: cotton
Made in Israel

Additional Items

Hand Made Ashkenaz Tzitzit
Tzitzit (Fringe) Guard for Laundry
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Special Features

Techelet-Blue Thread (extra 4 days on delivery)
Handmade sefardi thin tzitzit (extra 4 days on delivery)
Handmade yemenite thin tzitzit (extra 4 days on delivery)

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