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Gives away your secrets. Keep it glowing with health and beauty. Our selection of facial care products, based on Dead Sea minerals, from leading cosmetic companies in Israel, will cleanse and moisturize your skin and keep away those age lines.


A thorough removal of makeup at night is vital. Start with H&B's wipes or use any of our soaps, milks, liquid cleansers. Try Ahava's cleansing gel or toning cleanser. Formulated with minerals and oils, they will clean, invigorate and nourish the skin.


From our extensive selection, choose a moisturizer that suits your skin needs. Ahava focuses on taking care of older maturing skins. H&B's suggests olive oil or avocado based moisturizers. Mineral Care offers intriguing vitamin capsules. Take your pick!


Your eyes express your individuality and show early aging signs. Keep them young and vibrant by making eye care a vital part of your daily routine. We offer Ahava's anti-aging cream, Ein Gedi's Gold Collection or Mineral Care's preparations and others.


We offer a great choice of masks, all based on Dead Sea minerals. Choose the mask that meets your skin's needs: mud, hydration, peeling, firming and more. All our masks refine the skin, hydrate and moisturize, leaving you looking and feeling better.


The superior rich night creams of H&B, Ahava, Mineral Care and Ein Gedi produce results - nourishing and revitalizing the skin whilst you enjoy your beauty sleep. For older mature skins, age control creams increase collagen and fight wrinkles.


We cannot put the clock back but we can offer you a variety anti-wrinkle, collagen firming and serums from H&B, Ahava, Mineral Care and Ein Gedi. They are especially formulated to resist the aging process and keep skin moisturized and well hydrated.


We have come a long way since the "wash your face before you sleep" of our childhood. Use our preparation and you will agree that the investment is worthwhile.

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