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Showing 1-32 out of 95 items

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The Power of Havdalah

The Havdalah prayer, marking the end of the holy Shabbat and the beginning of a new week, is recited at a special ceremony of blessing over a cup of wine and a braided candle together with sniffing aromatic spices. Canaan-Online invites you to bring dignity and respect to this ritual with an elegant contemporary style Havdalah set that reflects your respect for tradition in the spirit of modern art.

The Choice

For those who appreciate fine ceramic, we recommend Michal Ben Yosef's Havdalah set featured in a choice of fine pastoral colors, standing on an attractive tray depicting a decorative design. Israeli artist Shraga Landesman offers a choice of sets - a delightful spring green color or an intriguing wood and metal set featuring a bird and pomegranate. The ever-popular Yair Emanuel strikes a cheerful note with his sleek Havdalah sets standing on colored trays. For the traveler, there is a striking wand set. If you are looking for an exclusive Havdalah set that is undoubtedly prestigious, indulge in the products of the maestro – Avner Agayof of Jerusalem. His Havdalah sets display the sleek geometric style for which he is famous… angular candle holders, circular spice holders with etched text and elegant pillar-shaped cups. As you scroll through the collection, you will notice the option for purchasing separate individual spice holders or other items.

Shavuah Tov!

A Havdalah set from the Canaan –Online collection will fittingly honor the ceremony, bringing added meaning and depth to the blessing of "Shavuah Tov!" – have a good week – traditionally uttered immediately afterwards.

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