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Showing 1-32 out of 34 items

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The Power of a Name

Your name is part of your identity kit, accompanying you throughout life. "Names are everything!" declared the poet.

Popularity of Name Necklaces

Canaan-Online's personalized name necklaces are just that – a personal gift that is always trendy, attractive and sure to bring compliments. A special feature of our selection is the option for Jewish names and the choice of fonts. A personalized Jewish name necklace will bond you with your roots and ensure that your Jewish name will remain a part of your life.

Personalized Necklaces as Gifts

Whatever the milestone, a name necklace is always a welcome gift, appropriate for every occasion. Young mothers are thrilled to receive a piece of jewelry for their newborn. A name necklace celebrates birthdays, commemorates a bat mitzvah, honors a graduation. For every milestone, there is a suitable necklace. If you are a doting mother, grandmother, aunt or friend, why wait for the occasion? Bring pleasure today to someone special in your life.

The Selection

You will love our choice of designs and letter styles. Both English and Hebrew names come in a choice of fonts - block letters or a cursive – and are available in either gold filled or sterling silver.

If you would like to dress up your name pendant with a decorative element, Canaan-Online offers a choice of tasteful Stars of David, loving hearts or floral designs. Why not be daring and present to someone close to you an “I love you” pendant.


If you experience difficulty spelling the Hebrew name or would you like guidance or information, our staff are trained and knowledgeable and will be happy to help you so that you purchase the personal name necklace that will give you as much pleasure to present to a dear one as it will be for her to receive it.

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