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What is a Challah Board?

A challah board is an essential ritual item for the Shabbat table. On it rests two challot – the plaited Shabbat bread. Over the board is a special Challah cover, removed after Kiddush before reciting the Challah blessing. The board remains on the table, a display of beauty and a convenient tray to hold the challah slices. Alternatively, you will find in this category of choice of challah trays that are convenient for passing around the slices of challah.

CanaanOnline - Challah Boards & Knives

Canaan-Online offers a choice of decorative challah boards, designed and produced in Israel by some of our country's most famous artists – Dorit Judaica, Agayof, Michal Ben Yosef and others. There are classic and contemporary themes, simple and intricate designs with or without texts. Materials range from hard-wearing glass to wood, durable ceramic or laser-cut aluminum. You will find impressive Challah Boards displaying floral or pomegranate themes. Bring the Land of Israel to your Shabbat table with dynamic ceramic boards. Liven up your table with a cheerfully colored boards. There are innovative designs such as Avner Agayof's Challah Board with a removable cover and slots to catch the crumbs.

Match your Shabbat Board with a pretty knife that will form a set with the Board of your choice. They all have top quality blades and will give years of efficient and comfortable use.

The Perfect Gift

A Challah Board with matching knife is an impressive Shabbat gift that will last for years. Treat yourself to a new one or honor the Festivals with a special board. Let your Challah Board reflect your respect for the holy Shabbat and your wish to beautify your table with the finest ritual items.

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