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Showing 1-23 out of 23 items

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So, you have been invited to a Jewish wedding and want to successfully navigate the occasion. That means, bringing an appropriate gift. What should you buy? The world is the limit. Here are some suggestions, appropriate for the Jewish home.

For the Wedding Day

Dress the groom for the wedding ceremony with a kittel, the traditional snow white full-length garment. Or, present him with a stunning handwoven embroidered silk Gabrieli tallit. A spectacular gift is Yair Emanuel’s hand-painted wedding canopy. It will surely become a family heirloom.

Shabbat and Festivals

Present the young couple with a Shabbat item that will be used and enjoyed week after week. Your Candlesticks will bring a glow to their home. Consider a modern-style crystal glass charity box, highlighting the age-old custom of slipping in a few coins before candle-lighting. For the Shabbat meal, there is a choice of beautiful Kiddush cups, challah boards and challah covers. Depending on the time of the year, a Menorah or Pesach item will always be welcome.

Home Decorations

The primary decoration is of course the Mezuzah. Itay Mager’s sky blue glass mezuzah case makes the perfect gift. Dorit Judaica has an all-encompassing choice of wall decorations that will give character to the home. If you are thinking of sculptures, any David Gerstein work will be a prestigious addition to the home.


If you are a friend or relative of the bride, present her with a piece of jewelry. Consider Ha’ari’s prestigious spinner ring featuring the blessings of the wedding ceremony engraved on rotating rings. An incredible piece!


Whichever gift you choose – from this category or from our website – you can order it online and we will be deliver it to the young couple with your greeting in time before their wedding.

Mazal tov!

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