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Searching for an original Bat Mitzvah gift?
Canaan Online collection offers distinctive handmade Bat Mitzvah gifts designed by Israeli artists in a variety of styles, shapes and colors that combine modern style with Jewish traditions.

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Showing 1-32 out of 49 items

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When a Jewish girl reaches her twelfth birthday, she becomes bat mitzvah and assumes the obligations of an adult. This milestone event is usually honored with a celebration – either a small family gathering or a grand party with many guests.


Whether you are a relative, friend or acquaintance, you will want to mark the occasion with an appropriate gift, honoring the new status. Since the bat mitzvah is a religious milestone, it is appropriate and meaningful to bring a Jewish gift.


You will find at Canaan-Online a full choice of appropriate gifts for a Bat Mitzvah. We have chosen a few. Scroll through the entire website to widen your choice.

Our most popular Bat Mitzvah gift is jewelry. Young girls love our name necklaces - a beautiful way to display pride and joy in her Jewish identity. What about a Chai necklace? Consider Ha’ari or Golan necklace with Kabbalah engravings or Jewish motifs. Ester Shahaf has a huge selection of exquisite small pendants in delightful color combinations. Spoil a bat mitzvah girl with a rough diamond Chaya Elfassi necklace and always a winner – the timeless grace of Adina Plastelina.

For girls who have the custom to join their mothers and kindle a Shabbat light, you will find a stunning choice of contemporary style candlesticks together with a Dorit Judaica candle blessing.

Dress up the bedroom or den of a bat mitzvah girl with an adorable wall plaque - a Blessing for Daughter plaque from Dorit Judaica will add an elegant touch to any room. Also for room decoration, you can present a David Gerstein sculpture, a decorative Hamsa or a flower sculpture.


Your gift will help the young girl feel pride and joy that she has come of age and is now a fully-fledge member of the Jewish nation.

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