Galis Jewelry


Fun, fun and more fun- thatís what Galiís new collection is all about! Geared to her cool and hip Israeli friends, this is the collection for you if you want to show off your love of Israel (as well as your keen sense of style)!

From Israel-inspired menís leather bracelets, to cute anklets to hamsa and Israeli map necklaces, Galiís got it! Her nautical collection is a refreshing Israeli take on the nautical trend which has recently taken the world by storm.


Gal Cohen, a stunning 23-year-old blonde beauty, is the mastermind behind Galiís Israeli Fashion Jewelry. From a very young age, Gal has been interested in jewelry. As a young girl living in suburban Tel Aviv, she used to ask stylish teenage girls where they bought their necklaces or rings. Galís artistic adventure really took off during her year and a half serving in the IDF. A professional styling course was offered and Gal seized the opportunity. She began designing and producing cute necklaces, which she posted to FaceBook. Receiving an incredibly large number of likes and comments, Gal was encouraged to take the next step- tourists! Gal opened a few English-language websites geared to tourists and recently even began selling on an Israeli Etsy-style website.


Galís inspiration is nature. Sheís also very much inspired by her customers- the average Galiís jewelry wearer is in the 30-something category. Taking the time to picture what her average buyer wears on a day-to-day basis, Gal Cohen begins the creative process of designing and producing a necklace, anklet or bracelet that will coordinate with the imagined outfit.


Recently, Gal took the plunge and began producing a full line of menís jewelry. What differentiates Galís menís line from her completion is the rich Israeli heritage infused in every bracelet and necklace. Her triple wrap Star of David Menís Wrap Rope Bracelet can be seamlessly paired with her Black Leather Shema Israel Triple Wrap Bracelet. Star of David Bracelets can be paired with nautical anchor or whaleís tail bracelets for a look thatís truly unique.

If youíre in search of a new Israeli jewelry designer with youthful appeal- Gal Cohen is for you!

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