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When a Jewish boy is thirteen years old, he becomes bar mitzvah, assuming the responsibilities and obligations of a Jewish adult. Usually, his parents host a major celebration to which relatives, friends and acquaintances are invited to extend good wishes and blessings on this significant milestone.


It is customary to present a gift to the bar mitzvah boy a gift in honor of his new status. It is always meaningful to bring a Jewish gift, acknowledging the religious nature of the bar mitzvah celebration.


Here are a few suggestions… Present the bar mitzvah boy with a contemporary or traditional Pointer to use when he is called up for the Synagogue Reading. Consider a decorative tallit (prayer shawl) or a Siddur. A popular gift is a waterproof bag to hold his new tefillin when he goes on walking tours. Another gift that is always enjoyed is a Shofar, especially the dramatic long curved Yemenite Shofar. You will find a choice of charity boxes suitable for a young boy – a reminder of a Jew's obligation to always remember the less fortunate. Thinking ahead to the Festivals, your barmitzvah boy will surely appreciate owning an exclusive Menorah crafted by one of Israel's leading Judaica artists. If the bar mitzvah is before Purim, he would love to receive a splendid Yair Emanuel grogger. (He should not test it at the bar mitzvah party!) If it is Sukkot, there is a choice of tasteful bags to hold his etrog. A Kiddush cup is a classic gift that will always be appreciated. Maybe your bar mitzvah boy would enjoy a piece of jewelry – a pendant engraved with words of prayer. Or, consider a wall decoration with Jewish text.


Worried about delivery. Relax. Canaan-Online will be happy to deliver it directly to the home of the bar mitzvah boy together with your personal message.

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