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Jews have long been associated with glassmaking. The ancient art was known in Israel centuries ago and with the growth of blowing techniques, glass vessels became affordable and popular. In the 19th century, Baron Rothschild set up the first glass factory in Israel and today, glass artist Itay Mager sees himself as a link in a chain that stretches back centuries.

He takes pride in enhancing Jewish ritual experiences with the beauty of his glass products. He favors the color blue – a traditional Jewish color always associated with spirituality and things Divine.


Itai Mager utilizes a special technique to fuse and slump glass together. After the glass becomes soft, the pieces flow or “fuse” together. For slumping, the glass is bent into or over a mold. In the high kiln temperature, it flattens and takes on the shape of the mold. The subsequent cooling process relieves internal pressure in the glass and ensures its durability. The glass is then brought to room temperature.


The warm luminous glow of Itay Mager Judaica items gives depth to the Festivals. We display for you his Seder plate, Matzah tray, Menorah and Rosh Hashanah dish. Look closely at the sky blue frame and admire the exquisite inner bubbles, created using a special technique.

To bring blessing to your home, what could be more impressive and dignified than an Itay Mager glass Mezuzah case? Any one of them will add dignity and beauty to your home.

For that special housewarming or wedding event, send an Itay Mager fused glass Home Blessing wall decoration. Its timeless grace makes it a gift that will be treasured and cherished.

Whatever you choose, you can be sure that at Itay Mager, every item is a unique creative effort, individually made to order, a true Made in Israel product.

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