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Judaica artist, Shraga Landesman, lives and works in Haifa. An artist of renown, his Judaica, displayed in museums and galleries throughout the world, express his deep attachment to the People and Land of Israel. He is particularly fascinated by Biblical sources and the ancient cultures that once lived in Israel. Using modern technology, he processes anodized aluminum, cast brass, wood, and glass, and reproduces the symbols, images, motifs and fonts of the ancient world. Many of his Judaica items carry Hebrew text in the old-style script. He is passionate about nature, its trees, animals and birds and this is reflected in many of his products.


At Canaan-Online, we bring you a selection of Shraga Landesman’s impressive creativity. In his Shabbat collection of candlesticks and Havdalah sets, he moves easily from elaborate antique styles to minimalistic modern designs. For the Festivals, there are elegant Menorahs, Seder Plates, and honey dishes depicting the flowers, animals and birds of Israel. One of his popular themes is the pomegranate – eternal symbol of bounty and goodness. If you are looking to decorate wall space, you will enjoy his distinguished looking metal wall hangings, engraved with eloquent Biblical quotations. He has transformed many of these into elegant pendants, injecting a touch of spirituality into the life of the wearer. His Mezuzah collection is a striking collection of old and new, classic and contemporary design. His tasteful designs feature the dove, palm tree, Menorah, sheaf of wheat and almond tree. Many come in a choice of colors so you can choose what suits your d&233;cor.


Shraga Landesman has brought dignity to the field of Judaica items by creating traditional Jewish objects in a bold contemporary style. His incredibly beautiful works of art demonstrate that even in a secular modern society, Judaism has dignity and relevance for all.

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