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A product's name is sometimes also a symbol. In the world of Tallitot, Gabrieli represents quality, beauty, and exclusivity. Established over fifty years as a family project, producing hand-woven tallitot, it is now led by the next generation who are still guided by the same priorities of their grandmother founder.

In a small studio in Old Jaffa, Gabrieli Tallitot are hand sewn on old-fashioned looms by a group of devoted workers who have mastered the ancient skill. All over the world, Gabrieli Tallitot are admired for their beauty, depth of color and original color combinations. Each Tallit is individually woven. This takes time, so make sure you order well in advance.


The Tallitot are made from wool, cotton or silk. Wool is traditionally preferable but silk is the much more popular fabric of choice. They come with an elegant matching kippah and tallit bag and with the tzitzit already attached. So, your Gabrieli Tallit is ready to be worn immediately. There is a choice of sizes for each tallit. The design is elegantly repeated at the corners, the neckband, the kippah and the tallit bag.

Scroll through the collection and you can almost feel the quality of the fabric in your hands. Notice the delicate stripes, the fine restrained colors, the dignified appearance. Whether you choose a white, blue, black or gray color theme, you can be sure of receiving a Tallit of superior quality and beauty.


A tallit is a beautiful gift to present to someone special husband, father, son, grandfather or perhaps the Rabbi. If you are looking for a tallit that combines beauty, comfort, and craftsmanship, we recommend a Gabrieli Tallit. Each of their tallitot is an exclusive work of art that will surely enhance and add depth to the Synagogue experience.

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