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Showing 1-32 out of 96 items

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Why Buy Israeli Fashion Necklaces?

Can a woman have too many necklaces? We don’t think so. So, now is the time to treat yourself or someone beloved with a necklace created by one of Israel’s leading jewelry artists. Scroll through the Canaan-Online selection. You will find there a wide choice of innovative designs and top quality materials – necklaces that are attractive and fashionable – the perfect choice to enhance your outfit. They have been created by leading Israeli designers. Enjoy their distinctive styles, stunning color combinations and traditional Jewish themes, all blending together to convey the spirit of modern Israel - melting pot of cultures, traditions and nations.

Israeli Jewelry Artists

Consider the necklaces of noted artist Edita. Each one is a brilliant creation of color. Semi-precious stones blend together in harmony. Each piece evokes feelings and memories, expressing a woman’s natural yearning for beauty.

In contrast, Gal Cohen, with-it contemporary Israeli designer, speaks to the young and young in heart. Predominant in her necklaces are symbols that talk of good luck, strength and the potential for accomplishments.

The necklaces of Ester Shahaf display an Oriental element. Delicate beads, metal effects and Swarovski crystals are meticulously laid out by hand on small motif shapes. Each item is a work of art telling a story of beauty and patience.

For a personalized gift, we recommend the ever-popular name necklace. You will find a choice of styles and materials. They make delightful birth presents and are equally appreciated for birthdays, bat mitzvahs and graduates.

Buying from Canaan-Online

Whichever fashion necklace you choose from Canaan-Online, you will be expressing pride to patronize artists who live and work in the country of Israel, drawing inspiration from the nation’s rich traditions and harmonizing this with modern technology to create stunning necklaces that are works of art.

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