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Ezra Zohar, Israeli, founded Nano Jewelry some ten years ago, after years of experience in designing and marketing women’s jewelry. Passionate about the potential of jewelry to convey messages of deep enduring love, his dream was to set up a company that would create unique and exclusive jewelry – jewelry that was as timeless as its message of love.


To achieve these goals, Zohar joined with scientists and incorporated the latest advances in nano technology into jewelry items that are as unique as they are beautiful. A high-resolution imprint technology reproduces on metal miniature nano texts and symbols. The fine quality jewelry usually joins with Swarovski stones, cubic zirconia, and semi-precious stones. Many items come in a choice of frames – silver, gold, or gold plate. There are optional lengths for the chains. To make this the perfect gift of love, every Nano piece of jewelry comes in an exclusive gift box.


If you want to send a message of love, the nano-necklace pendant with the words “I love you” inscribed in 120 languages, will do just that. If you want to check it out, the necklace comes with a small magnet with which you examine closely the superb quality and finish of this stunning piece of jewelry.

Whether you want to display pride in your Jewish identity or show off your knowledge of Kabbalah, the Nano Hebrew collection is for you. You will find there, words of prayer, Kabbala symbols or letter combinations and Biblical verses – all imprinted with nano technology and coming with a small magnet for close viewing.

If your dear one is a Zodiac fan, here is the perfect gift – a pendant inscribed with her sign. You will find all of them here, elegantly displayed in nano technology, imprinted on black onyx stone.


At Nano Jewelry, the message is – when you can’t say it in words, wear it!

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