Zodiac Pendant - Leo

Zodiac Pendant - Leo

$150.76 - $352.50

Product Description

This unique Zodiac pendant pendant is made of onyx stone that is framed in .925 sterling silver . The beautiful pendant in unisex design features the Leo Zodiac sign and its birth dates. Next to the Latin name of the sign its age-old symbol appears. Below the Latin name is the constellation after which the sign is named. Above the Zodiac symbol appears the wheel of the zodiac. Along the frame, written in miniature letters, the character traits associated with each zodiac sign. The text is inscribed in 24-karat gold by means of an innovative technology developed by Nano Jewelry, which, despite its size, ensures extremely high resolution. This enables a combination of miniature graphics or text in the design, which can be viewed with a magnifying glass (attached to each article). This Leo pendant is great birthday gift to someone special or yourself!

Size: 25x15mm.

Comes with 18 inch sterling silver chain for the silver pendant and a gold filled chain for the gold and gold plate pendant.

Leos are like lions: energetic, free, and independent. they like to get things done. They are excellent leaders because of their authoritative and confident character. They are very loyal to other people, even to their enemies. They like to socialize and give away presents. They like to buy fancy items. Leos like to get the attention of others. They can do many different jobs and learn easily. They always follow their principles so it is very unlikely to be surprised by a Leo. They also like children and are good entertainers. Leo is ruled by the Sun.


Artist: Nano Jewelry
Size: 0.8" x 0.6"/21 x 15.2 mm

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