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Hamsa Necklaces

Hamsa necklaces are trendy, timeless and universally popular. Whether worn with day or evening wear, it is always an exciting conversation piece. In the Canaan-Online selection, you will find Hamsa necklaces in a choice of metals and breathtakingly beautiful designs - all created by Israel’s leading jewelry artists. Many are handcrafted in Israel too. So, wearing one of our Hamsa necklaces is a beautiful way to connect to the Holy Land and its people.

What is the Hamsa?

The Hamsa is an ancient Oriental motif, featuring an open palm and outstretched fingers. It is reputed to bring good luck, prosperity and protection from the Evil Eye. A Hamsa necklace is reckoned to attract good forces and neutralize negative energies that come from the Evil Eye. So, if you have a taste for mysticism and enjoy jewelry with a spiritual dimension, wear and enjoy a Canaan-Online Hamsa necklace.

What does Canaan-Online offer?

Our leading Hamsa necklace artist is Ester Shahaf, an incredibly gifted Israeli craftsman. She brings to her spectacular Hamsa designs, vibrant colors and the meticulous hand application of beads, crystals and decorative metals.

Golan, jewelry artist and Kabbalah scholar of note presents us with an intriguing Hamsa necklace – five Hamsas on a chain with a hand-written prayer on each one.

If you have an interest in mysticism, you will love the Hamsa necklaces of Ha’ari, Israel’s leading producer of Kabbalah jewelry. Each necklace is hand crafted in conformity with specific Kabbalah guidelines regarding the day and hour and combination of metals. Many of their Hamsas also display Biblical verses or precious stones that also have powerful potential.

Now is the Time!

If you don’t yet have a Hamsa necklace in your jewelry collection, now is the time to buy one from Canaan-Online and enjoy its unique beauty and protective powers.

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