Kiddush Cups and Fountains

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Showing 1-32 out of 224 items

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A Kiddush Cup in every Home

Every Jewish home needs at least one Kiddush cup for Shabbat and Festivals. Canaan-Online offers you a full display of modern-style traditional Kiddush cups made from lacquered wood, glass, silver plate, aluminum, ceramics or pewter - all created by Israel’s leading Judaica artists.

Our Kiddush Cup Selection

You will find classic Kiddush cups standing on matching plates. Michal Ben Yosef’s gleaming handmade ceramic Kiddush cup, offered in a choice of colors, is a feast for the eyes. Renowned Yair Emanuel displays hand-painted wood cups or an exclusive hammered aluminum cup with accompanying dish. An innovative touch is provided by a crystal glass cup and plate. Shraga Landesman offers an intriguing set - candles holders and Kiddush cup. For superior quality anodized aluminum and 3D engraving, you will love the Benny Dabah Kiddush cup. If you are looking for a unique exclusive Kiddush cup, you will be awestruck with the sleek geometric designs and stunning contemporary colors of the Avner Agayof cups.

To our Kiddush Cup collection, we have added small Kiddush cups on a tray – either as a separate item or as a match with the Kiddush cup.

Yair Emanuel and Agayof offers breathtakingly beautiful wine fountains. These are especially popular with the younger generation. They enjoy watching how the wine, poured into a central funnel at the top, trickles down into the small cups that surround the fountain.

The Purchase

Whichever Kiddush cup you choose from our collection, you can be sure it will bring atmosphere to your Shabbat table and will make a stunning display during the week, adding dignity and pride to your Jewish identity.

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