Jewish Jewelry Guide

Honor your heritage with Jewish Jewelry

The Jewish faith is perhaps the oldest in the world with a rich cultural and historical tradition. Throughout the ages, the Jewish people have been known for their scholarship and the beautiful works of art produced to beautify their homes and sacred places. For centuries, these wonderful objects where based on religious symbols and had deep meaning both in the synagogue and the home. Whether fantastically embroidered covers for the Scrolls of the Law or a wonderfully crafted cup for saying the blessing for wine on a Sabbath evening in a Jewish home - these objects where the result of hours of loving craftsmanship and held pride of place in any Jewish community.

Today, Jewish Jewelry has gone one step further with many people wearing Jewish Jewelry not just because it is a beautiful work of art, but also to proclaim their belonging to the Jewish people. Wearing a beautiful piece of Jewish Jewelry allows the wearer to make a statement that identifies them with the Jewish religion and centuries of culture. Even for those individuals who profess not to be religious, wearing a piece of Jewish Jewelry allows them to declare their being part of an ancient and vibrant people,

In the past, Jewish Jewelry was primarily for ceremonial purposes - candlesticks, wine goblets, and decorations for the synagogue. Today Jewish Jewelry has become more personal and allows the individual to express their character and their pride.

In recent years, as Jewish Jewelry has become more and more popular, a new generation of designers and craftsmen has developed who design and produce the most wonderful items of Judaica and Jewish Jewelry. Today, Jewish Jewelry is designed and crafted for men, women and young people whether religious or secular. The designs incorporate symbols that reflect both Judaism and Jewish identity. Often, Jewish Jewelry feature motives that are tied closely to the Land and the State of Israel, which holds a special place in many people's hearts.

Because of its deep meaning and the message it proclaims, Jewish Jewelry is the perfect gift to give a couple on the occasion of their wedding, to celebrate the birth of a child, a Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah or any other significant events in our lives. A piece of Jewish Jewelry given as a gift is a permanent reminder of the bond between the giver and the recipient and strengthens the feeling of belonging.

Perhaps one of the most popular pieces of Jewish Jewelry is the six pointed Star of David which, more than any other motive, symbolizes the Jewish people. The Star of David is not only a religious symbol, but also a declaration of one's belonging to the Jewish people. Especially since the foundation of the State of Israel 60 years ago, the Star of David has become a piece of Jewish Jewelry worn by both religious and secular Jews.

Many items of Jewish Jewelry are also engraved with quotations from the bible or other holy scriptures - often in the original Hebrew. Again, the use of this ancient but also modern language in Jewish Jewelry symbolizes the rebirth of the Jewish people and nation.

Giving a loved one a piece of Jewish Jewelry is much more than a simple gift of Jewelry; it is a statement of your love and your special connection to the recipient and a constant reminder to them of your love and their heritage.

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