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Showing 1-32 out of 161 items

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What is a Jewish Necklace?

Jewish necklaces are currently enjoying a surge of popularity. This beautiful fashion adornment with its striking Jewish symbols and themes carries an individual charm that is always attractive and in fashion. The choice includes Stars of David, Menorahs, Choshen, Mezuzahs, Chai, Hamsas or Kabbalah themes. Others incorporate meaningful and relevant Hebrew verses.

Why wear a Jewish necklace?

A Jewish necklace is more than a fashion adornment. It makes a statement about your identity and loyalty. It inspires pride in Jewish culture and heritage, in the Land and the people of Israel. Wearing a Jewish necklace is sure to bring you lots of compliments and admiring glances.

The Canaan-Online Collection

Stroll through our category of Jewish necklaces and enjoy a rich experience of visual beauty and spiritual inspiration. Each necklace incorporates a Jewish motif that makes an immediate connection with tradition and heritage. They are created by leading Israeli artists known for their variety and craftsmanship. Handmade in Israel adds another dimension of meaningful significance.

Choose the symbol or theme that speaks to your heart and soul. Artist Ester Shahaf offers you an exquisite Song of Songs or Chai necklace. Golan, an accomplished Kabbalah scholar, presents a choice of Jewish necklaces engraved with words of love. For an exclusive Jewish necklace steeped in Kabbalah expertise, go for Ha’ari. Each of his prestigious necklaces is a work of art, created within the framework of Kabbalah to ensure maximum potential for protection and blessing.

Purchasing a Jewish Necklace

A Jewish necklace carrying a traditional symbol or mystical words and prayers is the perfect gift to bond with a dear one. It gives the necklace a deep sense of worth and authenticity and is often an eloquent expression of love and appreciation. A Jewish necklace is an item to treasure and cherish.

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