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What is the Afikoman?

Alongside the Seder Plate are three whole matzos. At the start of the Seder service, the middle matzah is broken into two and the larger piece, called Afikoman, is placed in a special cloth or bag and set aside to be eaten at the end of the evening. The long-cherished custom is for the children to take the afikoman, hide it and only return it after being promised a gift of their choice.

The Afikoman Cover

There are many reasons for the afikoman hiding and bargaining but what is most important is that the Matzah be kept clean and should be clearly identified and not confused with the other matzahs on the table or in the home. That is why a special bag is used to hold the afikoman matzah.

Canaan-Online Collection

At Canaan-Online, we offer a number of choice afikoman bags from leading Judaica artists. They come in different shapes and fabrics, usually terylene, silk and satin and are beautifully embroidered or hand painted. Many are part of a set with an impressive matching three-compartment Matzah bag.

A leader designer displayed in our collection is Yair Emanuel. His afikoman and matzah holders display rich luscious embroidery on a variety of themes, reflecting a passionate love of life and Jewish Festivals.

Galilee Silks present us with silk afikoman bags in stunning shades of color with the word “Afikoman” embroiders in bold gold lettering in Hebrew. Many also come with matching 3-compartment Matzah covers.

Barbara Shaw fascinates us with her artistic matzah and afikoman set depicting an ancient wood cut Haggadah design.

The Afikoman Message

The Afikoman carries a meaningful message. On this night, as we celebrate our redemption from Egypt, we must remember that we are still in exile. Putting on one side the larger half of the Matzah is a reminder that the best part of the redemption, hidden in the future, is still to come.

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