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What is a Lazy Susan?

Lazy Susans have their origin in the early days when domestic help became expensive and the large swiveling serving tray reduced reliance on serving staff during meal times. We don’t know if Susan was one of the unemployed maids but we do know that Lazy Susans became increasingly popular.

They are used for serving during meal times. Place on them your serving dishes, salad dressings or savories. At the end of the meal, they can hold dishes of candies, nuts or chocolates. When not in use, they are delightful display dishes that will brighten up your living or kitchen space.

Kakadu’s Lazy Susans

All Canaan-Online’s Lazy Susans are from the Kakadu studio in Israel, designed by Reut and Aaron, the prolific husband and wife team. They take pride in the top quality of every item they produce, meticulously supervising every stage of production from beginning to end. For the Lazy Susans, African plywood is precisely cut. After it is hand-painted, a ball-bearing mechanism is attached to ensure that it will turn smoothly. Finally, it is carefully lacquered a number of times. The Lazy Susans are heat resistance and after use only need to be wiped with a damp cloth. Felt tabs at the base mean it can stand on fine furniture.

The Designs

In any part of the world, a Kakadu product will always be recognized for its distinctive vibrant color themes and exciting novel designs. Artist Reut lets her paint brush sweep across the wood and the result is a magnificent selection that is a panorama of color and design. Amongst others, choose a lonely flower silhouetted in the setting sun, a deep blue ocean, pomegranates, contemporary designs or images of Jerusalem.

Our recommendation

When you purchase a Lazy Susan, or any item, from Kakadu, you are buying a quality product that you will have pleasure from and use for a lifetime. Enjoy!

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